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  • Dean Whitewood
    Dean Whitewood
    Director of Education

    AMBITIOUS. GREEN. THUNDER!EXPERIENCE? 8 years in recruitment, coming from a military background in the Royal Marines.SPECIALISM? Fining people in t...

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  • Sadie Edwards
    Sadie Edwards
    Director of Construction & Engineering

    UNLEASHED. PINK. BOOM!EXPERIENCE? Just over 12 months in Construction Recruitment. Particularly connecting to the market because construction offer...

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  • Jonny Edwards
    Jonny Edwards
    Specialist Recruiter

    ​EXPLOSIVE. GOLD. BANG!EXPERIENCE? 18 years in the industry. Fellow of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (FREC)SPECIALISM? Spinning all ...

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  • Hannah Richards
    Hannah Richards
    Director of Further Education

    ​DETERMINED. GREEN. CRACKLE!EXPERIENCE? 13 years in this fast paced industry (and I still love it!).SPECIALISM? Engineering + the Motor vehicle mar...

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  • Mitch Fox
    Mitch Fox
    Specialist Recruiter

    DETERMINED. BLUE. WALLOP!EXPERIENCE? Just shy of 3 years in the industrySPECIALISM? Building a rapport with construction candidatesCOFFEE? IcedCATS...

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  • Dee Willmott
    Dee Willmott
    Director of Compliance & Ops

    THOUGHTFUL. GREEN. WHOOOOSH!EXPERIENCE? 16 years working in vetting, screening and compliance within the Education sector! SPECIALISM? Compliance. ...

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  • Chris Povey
    Chris Povey
    Specialist Recruiter

    ​ADVENTUROUS. BLUE. CHOPIN!EXPERIENCE? 8 years in recruitment, following on from 3 years in sales prior to specialising in recruiting into Secondar...

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  • Amber Pollard
    Amber Pollard
    Compliance Officer

    CONSIDERATE. PINKYPURPLE. POP!EXPERIENCE? This is a brand new industry for me- just a couple of months under my belt, but absolutely loving it so f...

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  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown
    Specialist Recruiter

    BINGO. BLACK. HMM!EXPERIENCE? 5 years in the industrySPECIALISM? Secondary EducationCOFFEE? However Povey makes it!CATS OR DOGS? DogsLUCKY NUMBER? 54

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  • Jessica Spry
    Jessica Spry
    Digital Marketing Specialist

    ​CONFIDENT. ORANGE. WHOOP!EXPERIENCE? Its my first rodeo! 🤠SPECIALISM? Digi marketing, socials... overall TikTok sensation.COFFEE? With a whole loa...

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  • Jules Chenoweth
    Jules Chenoweth

    COMPULSIVE. BLACK. BANG!EXPERIENCE? Owned and sold many businesses over the years. Now Chairman for multiple exciting businesses and Business Consu...

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