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Our Crew 💛🖤

Meet the unstoppable force behind our success - our remarkable team! Together, we aspire to greatness, innovate fearlessly, and create solutions that redefine the future. Join us on this incredible journey of collaboration, growth, and triumph. Together, we can achieve the extraordinary!



Meet Jonny, Sadie and Tom at TR2 Recruitment ready to pave the way for your success in the Construction industry!⁠

Passionate, enthusiastic, and oh-so-friendly, Jonny and Sadie are the ultimate power couple, dedicated to connecting you with your dream role in everything related to construction across the UK.⁠

 Whether you're envisioning an office-based position or getting your hands dirty out on the field, they've got you covered.⁠

Wondering how they work their magic?

Lacking the right qualifications? No worries!⁠

Jonny and Sadie can guide you through the process of getting the qualifications you need, from essential certifications like your CSCS card to ensuring you're geared up right down to your work boots.⁠

Even if you're new to the construction scene, seeking a career change, or simply on the hunt for some part-time gigs, Sadie and Jonny have your back.⁠

Embarking on a job hunt might feel daunting, but with TR2 Recruitment, we're here to make the journey smooth sailing for both candidates and clients.⁠

Here's Jonny!

Role: Senior Consultant 

Recruiting Since: 2005 

Joined The Crew: June ‘22

After nearly 15 years leading the way in one of the UK's largest independent recruitment companies, Jonny decided it was time for a change. He bravely made the tough call to step away. He took a breather with a couple of years in business development, but his heart was still in the recruitment game.

The good news? He's back, and he's not bored in a boardroom anymore! Instead, he's on his toes, chasing after construction workers, and tying up all our loose ends. And guess what? He absolutely relishes it!

We're thrilled to have Jonny on our team because there's hardly anything in the recruitment world he hasn't faced. Not only is he eager to share his wealth of experience, but he also takes genuine pleasure in supporting our growth and celebrating our successes.

When the rain starts pouring, you'll find Jonny cosied up at home in front of the fire with his family, playing games, watching films, or maybe even jamming to some good tunes. But when the weather (and his wife) gives the green light, you can bet he's out there, hitting the open road on his motorbike.


Jonny TR2 Recruitment


Meet Sadie! 

Role: Director of Construction & Engineering 

Recruiting Since: 2022 

Joined The Crew: June ‘22

Sadie is the driving force behind our construction division and TR2's best-kept secret weapon. With an impressive record of over 190 placements in the last 14 months, she's hands down our top-performing consultant, and her impact on our success is immeasurable. She even clinched the title of 'Newcomer of The Year' at the UK Rec Awards 2022, proof that her hard work truly paid off. Her journey in the world of recruitment has been meteoric, and there's no sign of her slowing down.

While direct recruitment might be a relatively new venture for her, as the partner of a former COO, she already had a solid grasp of the industry before she joined us.

Sadie brings a dose of positivity and spirituality to our TR2 family. She's even shared her good vibes by gifting lucky healing crystals to her colleagues, and we've been known to embrace the cleansing aroma of burning sage from time to time. The results speak for themselves, and if it works, we're all in!

Before joining TR2, Sadie made a name for herself as a Yoga Instructor, and she still enjoys the occasional session. She's also a beach-loving dog owner who cherishes family time and savours the occasional glass of red.  

Sadie TR2 Recruitment
Introducing Tom!
Role: Resourcer
Recruiting Since: September 2023

Tom decided to take a leap into the world of recruitment after gaining valuable experience in the construction industry post-college. When he reached out for a coffee and a chat, our decision was a no-brainer. Tom is not only friendly and approachable but also incredibly driven. He's more than ready to tackle the challenges that come with the world of recruitment. 

Tom has already hit the ground running with our crew, lending his support in the quest for top-quality candidates in the Construction & Engineering Industries.

During his interview, Tom shared his daily routine, which includes yoga and journaling to kickstart each day with positivity. That got Sadie's vote right away! 

But wait, there's more to Tom than meets the eye. When he's not in recruitment mode, he transforms into a bodybuilder by night. So, after one shift ends, another begins, and you'll spot him in the gym, lifting some serious iron.


Construction deal song: 'Team Work'