Recruitment Misconceptions

Recruiters only care about money, AI will replace recruitment consultants and all these other myths are busted in this blog

Recruitment Misconceptions

In this myth-busting blog, we will discuss some of the most popular misconceptions about the recruitment industry and why TR2 Recruitment just doesn't fit the bill when it comes to your 'average Joe' agency.




"Recruitment Consultants only care about making money"

Within the world of recruitment, just like any other industry, some firms might not meet the high standards you're seeking. It's evident that some recruiters out there seem to place more importance on their appearance, flashy cars and designer clothes, rather than on their job openings and or your career advancement.

Nevertheless, there's a wide scope of recruiters that you're more likely to come across who generally care about the work they do and put the candidate and their client first, like us, TR2 Recruitment. We are professionals who have invested considerable time and effort into mastering our specific niches, be it jobs in the construction industry or jobs in further education teaching science for example. Building relationships and talking to people is all we do, all day, every day, and we love it.

“It’s always very rewarding to receive such positive feedback from candidates. Recruitment goes beyond mere qualifications on paper; it involves investing time to understand your candidates thoroughly, ensuring they align with the roles both in terms of skills and cultural fit and can seamlessly integrate into their new team. It was a pleasure working with Wendy and I wish her the best of luck in her new role.“ - Says Chris Povey our Education Specialist, if you’re looking for a job in any secondary school in London, Chris is the person to call.

"AI will replace recruitment consultants"

Artificial intelligence has indeed transformed aspects of recruitment, but the idea that it will entirely replace human consultants overlooks the importance of personal interaction and intuition in the hiring process.

At TR2 Recruitment, we value the irreplaceable human touch. Direct communication allows us to build trust, understand needs, and offer tailored solutions that AI struggles to replicate. Recruitment is not just about matching skills; it's about relationships and support throughout the journey.

In short, while AI enhances certain aspects of recruitment, it cannot replace the nuanced understanding and personalised approach that human consultants provide.